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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, we appreciate your trust and we don’t want to waste your time.

We created this blog for individuals who need a vehicle but who unfortunately have a credit history that is less than perfect. If this is you, you owe it to yourself to watch this important video and don’t worry, this IS NOT another “Good Bad and Ugly We Approve Everybody” type of blog. There are enough of these promises out there and this IS NOT another one of them.

Our dealership is rather concerned with the needs of good people who fell on some hard time.

• Maybe you’re a couple who always had the benefit of two solid income then one of you might have lost their job and it sent your finances on a tail spin for a while that will put a dent in your credit!

• Maybe you fought through a painful divorce we’ve seen firsthand how that can leave someone’s credit in a really bad state.

• Maybe you had to fight cancer or another illness, or maybe you took care of a love one and had to take a loss of income. We know how much pain that brings to the heart and the wallet.

• Maybe you are a self-employed individual, you started a business, or you have an income that is harder to prove, that can be a tricky if you need to get financing for a vehicle.

These scenarios and many others should not prevent you from getting the quality vehicle you need and deserve. We also feel very strongly that you shouldn’t have to compromise about where you want to buy your next vehicle, and that’s why we created our services.

You see, over the years, we’ve learned that everybody’s financial situation and credit history is different. Your credit is actually like a fingerprint, it’s unique! There is no cookie cutter approach in getting people with credit challenges approved, there is no “one size fits all” solution and people who say the opposite probably don’t understand automotive credit.

We’ve also learned over the years that every lender has different guidelines and areas of comfort and discomfort… some might be comfortable with new credit, others might prefer self-employed individuals… and other are excited to lend to people who went through a bankruptcy.

The key is to find the right lender for Your Low Credit Profile!

Other dealers might prefer to “shotgun” your credit application to numerous lenders in the hope of finding one that will “bite” and accept your application.

We find that approach dangerous for a number of reasons

First, each time a potential lender “pulls” your credit bureau, your credit score will lose a few points which might lower your beacon score enough to make it impossible to get it approved.

Second, some lenders, seeing on your credit bureau the numerous attempts to get a loan through different lenders might label you as a credit seeker and might decline the application without even giving it a “fair chance”.

For all these reasons, we believe the best approach to get you approved is for us to take the time to learn your story, understand what happened and why it happened, then find a lender that will understand your unique situation.

If you would like to have a Special Finance expert in your corner a specialist and a friend that understands automotive credit and that can help you get the vehicle you want and need, while rebuilding a new credit history to replace the imperfections of the past

We are your Partner

The first step would be for you to Click Here button, and complete the Web form. That will provide us with all the information we need to jump start the process.

Step number two will be a short phone call where we will have a pleasant and honest conversation about your unique situation so we can best understand what happened and how to move forward with the right lender. Step three we will get you approved and behind the wheel of your next vehicle in no time.

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